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In some European countries, finding a great job in finance is not so easy. By participating in our development program, you’ll gain valuable working experience abroad, and much more! Discover your chances and unleash your talent!

Put your university degree to good use. Gain valuable working experience in your field. Learn native English speaking and writing. And finally, get a broad range of training and coaching. Start your Development Program in the Netherlands. Start your adventure!

What can you expect from our development program?

Gain real experience in real jobs during your Development Program. For 1-3 years, you’ll work in junior financial positions in international companies located in the Netherlands. A great way to learn and work in entry-level positions. During your Development Program, you’ll work in finance roles such as:

  • Junior Financial/Business/Project Controller
  • Junior Finance Consultant
  • Junior Process Consultant
  • Junior Business Consultant

What do we offer?

It’s not just about the work experience. We’ll help you with your personal development as well. And, of course, we’ll help you settle near The Hague, Utrecht or Amsterdam. All great cities to live in btw!

Practical details

At Firstleap, we offer an excellent salary and bonus package. Next to that, we provide affordable housing options near The Hague, Utrecht, or Amsterdam. Of course, we offer a travel allowance to and from work. And at last, we know the importance of family and friends while you work hard, that’s why we offer tickets to visit friends and family.

How we help you to get started

After you settled in, it’s time to go to work! The first step is to help you with a CMA certification fee (incl. exams). Next to that, we believe it is essential to improve your English speaking and writing. That is why we offer an English language course (to C1 level).

Next to the CMA and language course, we believe it is vital to gain practical experience from an sr. Finance professional in your chosen field. With a mix of practical experience and the right amount of training and courses, we can take you to the next level of your career!

What do we expect?

Are you a motivated graduate? Are you willing to start a new adventure at an international organization?

  • We expect a commitment to move to The Netherlands for 1-3 years.
  • 0-3 years of working experience with a degree in BA/Finance/IT/Accounting.
  • Flexible in working hours and willing to travel.

But most importantly, we want motivated colleagues to co-build our company. We are looking for a proactive attitude to make our network better every. So, what are you waiting for? Apply now and take the first leap!

Mark Bik

Start your adventure

Take the first step in your career. Start your Financial Development Program in the Netherlands. And have a lot of fun building your future.