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A shortage of motivated, well-educated financials in The Netherlands. An abundance of strong financial talent in Europe. Great things happen when we bring these two worlds together. Young financials gain valuable experience. Companies gain motivated financial team members.

At Firstleap, we believe that finance is an international field. Talented financials should not be constricted by borders. We carefully select European financial graduates for finance positions in The Netherlands. Multilingual, enthusiastic financials who will strengthen financial teams. Firstleap enables both finance teams and graduates to achieve growth without limits.

Discover how you can improve your international team, department or organization!

Unique international approach

The right fit is our first priority. Training and development are a close second. We use our own financial background to select the best financial talents in Europe. And, after office hours, Firstleap provides coaching and training in finance & control, accounting, business English and soft skills. This is part of our unique Financial Development Program.

By combining our extensive international network and financial knowledge, we ensure that both employers and financial talents benefit.

Benefits of working in international teams

Working with international teams brings several advantages. Primarily, working across cultures in international teams opens up new perspectives. It creates more creativity and productivity. A diverse workforce is an absolute added value for your company.

Our financial trainees have recently graduated and can start working within your organization with a fresh perspective. Firstleap takes care of the entire recruitment and selection of a financial trainee, making the financials immediately deployable. We guide the trainees during the whole process, so it does not take up any extra time for you as a company. This way, you can focus on other priorities within the company.

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