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Development Program has taken-off !!

Are you about to finish your studies, or have you just finished? Do you want to make an impressive start of your career?
We believe that training and coaching are equally essential in creating perspective for you. That’s why we offer a development program, tailor-made for each talented starter. Besides the opportunity to improve your knowledge in terms of content, you will also have the opportunity to gain international work experience at various international companies. A fast track to broaden your horizon at the beginning of your career, how cool is that?

Applying for our Development Program September 2023 is no longer possible, other good candidates have been ahead of you and the September program has started.

If you really can’t wait for Development Program January 2024 to start, email us your motivation and let’s get in touch.

How does the Development Program work?

Firstleap's development program has a unique approach. We offer young financial talents the opportunity to gain work experience at international companies. During the Development Program an experienced senior financial from Firstleap will coach you.

It's not just about work and experience. After that, we look at your personality, character and skills. Are you an all-rounder or a specialist? Are you a team player or do you prefer to work alone? We believe it is equally important to have an eye for personal development. For this reason, our development programs consist of a maximum of five talents at a time. In this way we can guarantee individual attention and you will be part of a small tight group.

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