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If you are looking for promising young financials to support your finance team, it is good to have an idea of our colleagues. On this page, you will find a selection of our available consultants. If you are interested, we will be happy to schedule an introductory meeting. Our consultants are, among other things, specialized in digitalization projects, financial close and project control. In addition, they are available at short notice.

Let us know with which expertise we can support you or your team. We will match your need with the perfect consultant. The right fit is always our priority!

Joaquin Arrufat Portolés

Alessandro Marchionni

Hi, I'm Alessandro. I can help you with subjects like Financial Close/Review, Project Control/Planning, Financial Analysis, and Digitalization projects. Next to basic IT competence, I have experience with Financial and Business Analytics Software like SAP BPC and PowerBI. Due to my past involvement in the Documentation Process of multi-level structured environments I do not fear complexity. When we work together, you get a hard-working result driven professional. Analytical, client-oriented, knows how to work effectively, in multicultural environments as well as an individual.

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Mark Bik

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